What Work Is Like Here in the Future

I sent this article from 2121 to make my world possible

Max Klein
5 min readAug 10, 2021


Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

Ah, the 2020s. We learned a lot about you guys in our history osmos. Fourteen years from the day you read this article, in 2035, a bright kid from NA-FS-PA (North America, former state, Pennsylvania) came up with a way to convert raw data, good old ones and zeros, into bio-waves with the same frequency as brain waves. The data is transferred from bit-cellular osmosis packs, or osmos for short, into our brains as we sleep.

So now we go to school when we’re sleeping. “Two birds” as they used to say or “night school” as the corny dads still joke. A silent broadcast of various grades of HAL (Humanity Aligned Learning), the preapproved osmos sanctioned by NARED (North American regional education database), plays while we sleep.

This frees up our days to play, create, connect, and think about what we learned during sleep. They’ve found that the best way for people to maximize their lives and ultimately the quality of life for humanity was to be their unique selves and follow their passions. You guys are starting to notice this trend on various blogging platforms around 2021 probably.

But the advent of HAL combined with osmos enabled humans to have more time to do this, to be themselves instead of being at work or school all day. Instead, they pursued their dreams unfettered by unnecessary obstacles like time or money or even lack of education as osmos are available for all.

It was proven decisively in the late 21st century that this method of finding and developing individual interests yields the maximum potential value per individual (Max PVI) overall in CS trading which in turn increases the human happiness index (HHI) in direct proportion. PVI’s are private and even individuals don’t know their own PVI because everyone is equally valuable in 2121.

CS trading is short for Cohesion/Sustainment trading which replaced Capitalism after The Final World Revolution in 2070. All trade is still based on the value one can supply to another human being as well as the individual human-nature desire to work for the betterment of themself and their family first. But now all value isn’t localized or limited by space or time — nor does it require marketing dollars…