How to Be a Boss People Love Working for

Motivating with more than just money

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1. Practice Extreme Humility

Arrogance is the evil twin of confidence. It looks like confidence on the exterior, but on the inside it is filled with insecurity contained by condescension.

2. Listen Like Your Mission’s Success Depends On It

Listening is critical to effective leadership. You need the humility we discussed to get the most out of this practice though.

3. Extend Trust At Every Opportunity

In almost every leadership article I write, I touch on micromanagement because I feel so strongly about how damaging it is.

4. Lead Yourself

A leader who is leading themself is a leader people love to follow. By leading yourself I mean a leader who treats themself as a follower would want to be treated. Someone who respects themself. Someone who believes in themself. Someone who is always trying to get better. Someone who forgives themself. Someone who trusts themself.

5. Own All Of It

The buck always stops with you. Always. Everything that takes place in your sphere of influence is your responsibility.

Final Thoughts

We can’t encapsulate all things good leadership in a five-minute article, but these points can help you be a leader people want to follow for more than just a paycheck. So:

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