Hi Tony,

I'm an outside salesman for a manufacturing company in PA. I served 5 years in the Marine Corps including service in Iraq. During that time I developed a passion for leadership. I started writing on Medium in January and have recently earned top writer status in that category. I just really enjoy writing about it as well as doing it both in the Marines and back home as a scout leader, youth coach, and leader at work. I really enjoy learning from those who have a broader professional range in the subject than I do. Particularly your successful leadership at the Chicago Tribune and your "disruptor" strategy. I was wondering how you managed change that I assume was part of that strategy with employees (who I know change can be difficult for sometimes).

I would submit this to Mind Cafe which is a pretty large and successful Medium pub. I've never done an interview before so I'm not sure that it's even proper to ask you for one. I just have enjoyed your comments on my articles as well as your bio from your website. What I could do which may be more convenient is send you my draft when done and if you want to chime in on any of the subjects I could attribute the quotes to you. I could link to your website on the attribution. Mind Cafe has a large audience (over 2mil views last month).

I certainly can't promise you that any of this will benefit you except for the fact it would be thrilling for me to have your input on a quote or two! Thanks so much for responding, Tony. Have a great Monday! -Max

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Family Man. Top Writer in Leadership. MBA Strategy and Management. Marine Corps Veteran. Winemaker. emaxklein@icloud.com

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