3 Powerful Attitudes for Better Leadership

Choose authenticity over perfection

#1. Think Decisively

Decisiveness is a key leadership trait. A leader can have all the good ideas in the world but if they don’t have the confidence and courage to make decisions, especially tough ones, they simply can’t be effective.

So how can you become more decisive?

A study in Forbes Magazine by Joseph Folkman and Jack Zenger showed 4 ways a leader can be more decisive:

#2. Choose Hope and Optimism

A “can-do” attitude in a leader is so contagious. This doesn’t mean they are naive about challenges that lie ahead, but a challenge is better met with optimism than pessimism or despair.

So how can a leader choose optimism?

Leading Insight suggests a few ways:

#3. Choose Authenticity Over Perfection

One of the greatest leaders I ever met personally was General James Mattis. I served with him overseas. Most recently he was the Secretary of Defense. He advocated for leaders to know the leadership traits and principles but to apply them in ways that were their own. In other words, leaders should be honorable while being their authentic selves. The best leaders are who they are because not being you is a form of inauthenticity that people can inherently smell from a mile away.

So how Can a Leader Be More Authentic?

CEO of LEADx and author of Great Leaders Have No Rules Kevin Kruse suggests authentic leadership is:

Final Thoughts

Leadership is a state of mind. Authentic leadership can determine your success or failure as a leader. Always choose authenticity. I learned from the example of people like General Mattis many ways to be an effective leader and anyone can apply these principles by making the right choice of attitude.

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Family Man. Top Writer in Leadership. MBA Strategy and Management. Marine Corps Veteran. Winemaker. emaxklein@icloud.com

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