10 Super Annoying Things Bosses Do

Please just stop!

Max Klein
5 min readApr 7, 2021


Credit: WAYHOME studio on Shutterstock

You may not be one of those bosses that crawled from the pits of hell but if you do any of these annoying things you may be starting to grow horns.

The thing is, these are so easy to just stop doing.

I’ve studied and practiced leadership for 25 years in military, corporate, and volunteer settings and I’ve seen bosses do all of these things. Actually, I’ve done most of them myself before I realized how annoying I was!

If you do these things, please just stop. Your employees will thank you.

#1. Setting Meetings or Asking for Reports at 4:45…Especially on a Friday

I was out to eat with someone recently who had to keep leaving dinner to make calls at 6:30 on a Friday because their boss emailed the entire department at 4:55 demanding various reports/tasks be done “ASAP” as in right then or over the weekend.

Except in cases of an extreme and unusual nature, this is just asinine.

Why would anyone do this except to flex their socially unaware bossy muscles? Setting late meetings and demands, especially on Friday, adds an entirely new level of icing on the crap cake of an employee’s day with you.

Even if the meeting is about good news, it’s still annoying to schedule it for the very end of the day…unless it’s quick and everyone leaves free and clear afterwards.

#2. Having Meetings for Things That Could Be Handled With a Call or Email

Death by meetings is a favorite for many managers. They feel they need to meet about everything so they can bloviate their wisdom all over a paid-to-sit-there audience. Their spouse won’t listen to them but these people have to!

According to research by Clarizen, almost 50% of employees polled say they’d rather do almost any other unpleasant thing than sit through another meeting with you. They’d rather be getting their teeth drilled than be there.

Meetings are needed of course and they can be great depending on how they are run. If the meeting is necessary and run efficently then it’s all good.